Runister Statistics Infographic | Sharing and Social Media

Runister Statistics Infographic | Sharing and Social Media

Is running a lonely sport? One can think about the running as an activity group; however, most of the time, we picture the epic runner alone against his/herself trying to push it harder and get it done. If it is under extreme weather conditions and uphill the image becomes more familiar. Let’s have a look at some statistics to better understand our runners.

Do runners prefer to run alone or in a group?

54,72% of respondents, replied that “yes” to the question: Do you prefer to run alone? Only some tiny 17,84% of runners don’t prefer to run alone and there’s a 27,44% that choose “sometimes” as the answer. Additionally, we placed the reverse question (Do you prefer to run in a group?) which only confirms the results of the previous one.

Do you prefer to run alone?
What are runners thinking about when they train?

More than half of our runners train alone regularly. When running, what are they thinking about? 56,76% of respondents told us that mainly “Random personal thoughts”. There’s a 24,84% that choose “I’m just running” and the 18,40% resting that is thinking “About my run or running technique”.

What do you think about when you are running?

Do you wave to other runners?

Some overwhelming 68,29% of runners replied “yes” or “to some of them” while 31,71% of our sample replied no. Although running alone, looks like runners’ fancy to see others like them. But, let’s don’t forget that still, a 54,72% prefers to train alone. 

Do you wave to other runners?

Social media habits

We prefer to run alone in a 54,72%, but: How often do we post our running workouts on social media? So, how often we like to show to the others what we do, or what we achieve? How often do you post?

16,96% of our runners are posting “usually” or “frequently”, while 39,36% is doing it “sometimes” or “rarely” and 43,69% of them is never doing it. So, we do run alone, but in a considerable percentage, we tend to share our workouts. And, those who are posting, why they do it?

Why do you post? 

Results of this graph somehow show that despite the fact that most of the runners prefer to run alone, they do like to share their progress or to get motivation and recognition from their friends and/or family.

Quite tricky results that might lead us to plenty of conclusions about our lonely runners. We live you the freedom to read and extract your own conclusions, as we don’t want to influence your point of view.

If you would like to know more about the social habits of the runners, we recommend you to have a look at the following chapters. Furthermore, if you wish to find out more… you can launch your own survey to real runners with the Runister app. Also, we invite you to discover our online store with more than 20 ready-made surveys to get instant access to data.

The sample size of this study is 2800, with a 54/46 male/female distribution. Runners from the whole world have been chosen. Regarding age groups, Runister is a running app trendy amongst youngsters, and therefore 67% of respondents are in the ages between 18-24 and 25-34. 

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