Runister Statistics Infographic | US vs EU Running Shoes

Runister Statistics Infographic | US vs EU Running Shoes

Approximately, 8.000km is the distance (by plane) in between the US and Europe. Although, a Tweet takes seconds to make a world tour.

BUT, we are eager to see if our running brands notice those 8.000km. Is Under Armour more popular in the US? Or, how is K-Swiss doing in Europe? Do they know something about Brooks in London? And how is doing Adidas in comparison with Nike when looking at US vs EU?

We are pleased to share with you our first US vs EUROPE infographic in regards of the brand awareness. We asked our runners: how familiar are you with the brand X? giving them a scale to choose from: Extremely, Very, Moderately, Slightly and Not at all.

The first of the following graphs (Most KNOWN running brands US vs EU) is a sum up from the options: extremely, very, moderately and slightly. The second graph (Most UNKNOWN running brands US vs EU) is just showing the option: not at all. The statistic considers a standard sample of runners in the US and a sample of runners from several European countries. The global size of the study is 3.500 persons divided equally according to gender. In terms of age groups, Runister is a running app really popular amongst youngsters and therefore 67% of respondents are in the ages between 18-24 and 25-34.



Data should be analysed carefully to craft successful marketing strategies. Not always the big investments reach the desired ROI. As consumers, we are surrounded by publicity and advertisements. TV ads, Instagram, Facebook, newspapers… marketers are doing their best to catch our attention wherever we go. Most probably in the beginning of the 90’, when New Balance or Mizuno were born, they didn’t get the push of the so called “influencers” of the social medias. Of course, those times cannot be compared with our current scenario. Keep running and enjoy the race! Some are running since 1898 like Saucony and some just arrived 8 years ago, like Hoka One One.

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