Runister Statistics Infographic | Running Races

Runister Statistics Infographic | Running Races

Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago or New York are only some of the cities that have joined the running phenomenon. They host some of the major marathons in the world. Once per year, they get ready to accommodate thousands of runners from all over the globe.  Of course, there’s a big business behind, but we believe that those 51,394 finishers of the last edition of the TCS New York City marathon brought also tones of positive energy and good vibes into the city.

 “It motivates me to run” (28%)

Did you ever wonder why is people joining races? Thanks to Runister, we can ask our runners. One of our survey questions is: What is your reason to run a race? Results are clear and solving our query. 28% of our respondents stated that they are joining races because it brings them an extra motivation to run. But there are more reasons. Approximately, the 20% of those 35,000 runners who joined the last Tokyo Marathon were there because they like the competition. A 15% admit that they join races because they like the environment and the smallest percentage (6%) told us that they like to meet people. Besides, our research reveals that there’s a 30-35% that don’t join races. Motivation or competition? Also, the key reason changes according to the gender. But, in overall, 70% of the Runister users join races.

“The entry fees are affordable” (39%)

We were also wondering what they think about the fees of those races. To the question: What do you think about the entry fees of the races? Results, removing the 30-35% who don’t join races, as follows: Expensive (21%), Affordable: 39% and Cheap: 6%. If you are eager to understand which is the percentage per country, please get in touch with us. Broadly speaking, looks like the entry fees have a price range achievable for most of our runners.


5K | 10K | Half marathon | Marathon - Which one is the most popular?

There are certainly many other races, but, nowadays some of the most popular ones are the 5K and 10K plus the medium and long marathon. Lately, it seems that everybody want to be finisher of a marathon but let’s ask our runner of the Runister app how many of each they have completed already?




Results from Runister surveys show that the length of the race is inversely proportional to the participation in that specific type. The most popular, predictably, are the 5K and the 10K. To fully understand the whole topic, we encourage you to visit our running races survey report. 

This study and analysis has been done with the Runister app survey tool. We have considered more than 6700 responses. The panel gender is 49/51 female/male, age ranges are mostly between 18-34 years old and the country distribution is random. For more precise information, please get in touch with us and we’ll help you to prepare your own custom survey. You can learn more insights about the runner’s apparelnutritiongadgets or whatever you might think by getting in touch with us. The Runister app is the unique running app that provides information while boosting the practice of the healthy activities.



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