5/5: The new Runister app is for free on the App Store

5/5: The new Runister app is for free on the App Store

Today is the day. Let’s take our shoes, and let's go for a really nice and long run together. We are glad to inform you that; the new version is available in the App Store. Big surprise: the Runister app is for free. There’s no monthly fee. Now we can say that our dream of, earning money while running, comes true.

In this last article, we’ll explain you how we are going to pay the users? Where does the money come from? Also, we'll understand the purpose of the RunisterBlog. Finally, we’ll give you the main indications of how to use this new version.

The money to reward your activities- surveys. Brand new business model. Your Runister app will ask you questions, really fast and easy to answer, related to your healthy lifestyle. For each three questions you answer, you get one activity to reward. Don’t worry about privacy. All data obtained is strictly anonymous and we don't link your answers to your email or your name. Therefore, you’ll not receive any advertisements depending on your answers. We'll use though your gender/country/age details to create general valuable statistics. We'll monetize the results of the global surveys.  By doing this, we'll collect the money to reward you for being healthy.

Runister Store – train and learn. The Store of the Runister will be a showcase. We'll sort the most interesting results discovered with our survey system. Therefore, the news of our blog, are built by the users of the Runister App. From our side, we’ll give shape to the information to create interesting content. We want to give everybody the chance to compare their answers with the rest of the community. Our idea is that we can learn from each other and improve our healthy lifestyles.

We are thrilled to show you the new app looks like. The Runister interface, is a seamless combination of surveys and tracking. Besides, we have a brand-new website. In case you might need more information, you'll find it there.


Runister Plus - If you don’t want to participate in the surveys to use the application for free, you might like Runister Plus. That version offers you the same characteristics as the free Runister, but without the surveys. The monthly cost of this subscription is $4.99 USD (or the equivalent amount in your App Store currency)

To reward your runs or walks is really easy- here’s how it works:

1- Run or walk and track all your activities with Runister. All your workouts, even short ones, can bring you some extra moolah. So even if you are new to running, your balance will be always positive.

2- Reply quick questions related to your healthy lifestyle. In order to get money from your activities, you’ll only have to complete a set of questions. We'll ask you about your sport habits generally. The more questions you answer; the more rewarded runs you’ll have. For each 3 answered questions, you’ll get 1 activity to reward.

3- Get your rewards by only connecting your PayPal account. Just, connect your PayPal account to your Runister account. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum value of 5 USD (or equivalent in different currency). You can also donate that money to your favorite charity if you wish to.

Compatibility with sport watches and other apps - Unfortunately, these features are still not available, but we are working on it. We will inform you about any change through our new website as well as our social media channels.

Next post - If you missed some of our previous posts regarding this change, you can start here. And for the future...surprise! we'll chose one of the questions and we'll show you the results.

Thank you beta testers- We want to finish these series showing our deeply gratitude to our development team, specially to Jan and Jakub. Regarding our beta testing team, you are just awesome! Really big thanks to Laura, Elisa, Pris, Lydia, Jeanne, Cindy and Lerooy also to Jose Ramón, Manuel, Xavi, Eloi, Philippe, Rodrigo, Zach, Jornatán, Kay, Luís, David, Jose B, Peter, Juraj, Marijn, Andrej, Alexandre, Samuel, Miro, Miño, José V, Ivan and finally to our best supporter ever: Marisol! It has been our honor to give the last touch to the Runister app with you.


Enjoy our (your) new app, have fun and be happy!

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