4/5: Withdrawal and donation of the new Runister

4/5: Withdrawal and donation of the new Runister

The sport, as a discipline, entails hard work, programming and dedication. Although, the rewards and benefits of the physical exercise are tremendous in all senses. Runister adds an extra benefit, the economic one. Treat yourself with something nice, and keep on track. So, let's review the new withdrawal and donation policy.

First progress barfill it up! - Probably, as a child, they show you to save money with a piggy bank. The first progress bar of the new Runister is a piggy bank. Therefore, you should fill it with money. Once it is full, you can break it and enjoy your earnings. When you reach at least 5USD, you can manage your savings.

Withdraw or donate your earningsenjoy your rewards - The Piggy Bank of Runister is somehow special. You can break it as many times as you want. We cancel the rule of one withdrawal per year. Get your rewards by only connecting your PayPal account.

Donationsshare your effort - If you feel close to any charity, there's also space for you. Our donation chapter is still open. As you know, please get in touch with us if you wish to include any new organization.

Current accountsanything to worry? - Not at all. We are all going to enter a new platform where there’s simply no yearly limitation to withdraw the money.

Let’s start to wrap it up – We are getting close to the launch!

We are almost there! Besides, our beta team is running full speed ahead :) Let's start to wrap it up. By now, these are the 4 things that we know about the new Runister app:

1- Runister Store: new media channel.

2- Earn 0,08USD/mile.

3- No qualification or daily limit.

4- Withdraw/donate whenever you reach 5USD.

Next chapter – We are back really soon. We leave you a clue related to the next article from Mr. Einstein: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” :)


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