3/5: Runister doesn't have qualification and daily limit

3/5: Runister doesn't have qualification and daily limit

Qualification and daily limit – The Runister app is changing, if you are lost or you missed some of the previous chapters, here you can check the one about the Runister Store and the extinction of Runnies and the story of the level. It's important to stay tuned! The Runister app is changing, and today we get rid of more obstacles: no qualification and no daily limitation.

In the Runister headquarter, when we brainstorm, we come up with incredible things. Well, not always. Sometimes we invent unicorns, or we stumble upon ideas such as Level games :) Although, we really enjoy challenges and we do love sport.

No qualification start earning right away - First things first, Runister is a Health & Fitness app that rewards people who practice running or active walking with money… isn’t it sexy? It’s definitely something groundbreaking. Though, there was a small detail stepping in the way, those 10 qualification activities and the potential waiting period. With the new version of the Runister app, you can start to earn from the very first step. After download, you'll jump immediately to the new healthy way to earn money.

No daily limitationexplore your limits - Generally, we don’t like the rules; and if there are some, we are thrilled to break them. The old Runister was rewarding a maximum of two activities per day. We thought that two trainings per day were more than enough, but you wanna more? With the new version, you decide how much you want to train. Run or walk as much as you want and get always some cash from your activities.



Run or walkfun & health - As founders of the Runister app, we want to share with you the background of our invention. Our main goal is to promote the sport as a part of everybody’s lifestyle. Why? Personally, we feel better and happier if we go out for a run. We know that we are not the only ones! Our Runister is just a tiny element that seeks to encourage people to move.

Next chapter – We are already at the halfway point. Hopefully, you are getting used to the Runister Store, really soon we’ll reveal its purpose. Let's shortly summarize what's new in Runister: no Runnies, no Levels, no qualification and no daily limits. We'll come back soon to talk about the withdrawals.

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