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Get thousands of replies from the fitness community. We believe in the power of the surveys to gather information, but on the top of that, we want people to love and to enjoy while replying those questions. Why extract data if you can directly ask people what they want, or what they would like to have? Efficient, affordable and more accurate than ever before. Runister connects you to a massive community of runners, eager to listen to your queries and give you their feedbacks.

The fitness survey tool

Runister Surveys is powered by the Runister app – the first and only mobile application seamlessly combining fitness and market research. Thanks to a unique user interface, Runister users monetize their km by replying quick surveys. 100% response rate and respondent satisfaction as crucial elements.


How can we help you?

It is our goal to lend a hand by providing our customers the necessary tools to help them make wise decisions and follow the correct lead. Find out readily made survey results for immediate download or learn more about our tailor-made surveys.

Online survey store

Explore over 25 different ready-made survey results with more than 250K responses. We provide you an instant download of reports available in .pdf and excel formats.


Launch your survey

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our online survey store, you can always launch your survey questions to our community.



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