Create your survey, collect data, make the call.


Prepare your survey questions

There’s no limitation, you can solve as many questions as you need. We provide you with the audience and the software as well.


Select and target your audience

Runister app will show your survey to the specific demography. You can choose country, group age, gender and type of activity.


Power your business with data

When your survey is completed, Runister delivers you a complete report with all the answers that you need to make the right call.

The fitness survey tool. 100% response rate

Runister Surveys is powered by the Runister app – the first and only mobile application combining fitness and market research in a seamless way. Thanks to a unique user interface, Runister users monetize their km by replying quick surveys. 100% response rate and respondent satisfaction as key elements. Due to a limitless scope, the Runister app collects more than 50K unique responses per week. Runister works all around the globe and helps brands and research companies to reach success.

The healthy lifestyle statistics

Instant download of survey reports

Welcome to the biggest healthy lifestyle library of statistics. Explore over 25 different ready-made survey reports with more than 250K responses.

5 different categories

Dip into 5 amusing categories related to sport lifestyle. Nowadays, we give service on the following areas: apparel, nutrition, running trends, technology and health & beauty.

Healthy lifestyle panel

Our statistics are created by runners and/or fitness walkers. No more never-ending surveys impossible to complete. Our users enjoy to participate.

Accuracy & Quality

Our ready-made surveys reports have 95% confidence level and 5% of margin error. Runister adopted these values as a research standard.

Immediate access to insights

Visit our store with more than 20 ready-made survey reports containing actionable data.

Launch your custom survey

Let’s create together your own survey to find out everything that you are looking for.


Runister is proud data partner of Statista, therefore some of our survey results are available also for users of Statista. We believe that our partnership is helping companies to have better access to statistics about running and fitness community.

+200K responses from real runners each month.

Connect with active people and get your questions answered

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