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Runister Store is the biggest marketplace of statistics and facts about the running industry. Our survey results, together with behavioral data, serve as a great source of statistics and facts for brands, companies, and institutions related to the running world. We help them to make the right decisions based on real facts. Runister connects all sort of running brands with their direct consumers. We believe in the power of surveys and human feedback to create outstanding statistics. Sometimes, big data might not be enough when looking for meaningful facts. Runister is an innovative market research tool based on surveys but more efficient, affordable and accurate than ever before. We are a unique running app to find or create all the statistics & facts of the runners.

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Runister Store is powered by the Runister app – the first and only mobile application seamlessly combining running and market research. Thanks to a unique user interface, Runister users monetize their running routines by replying quick surveys and generating valuable statistics. 100% survey response rate always.


Are you looking for meaningful running statistics?

It is our goal to lend a hand by providing our customers the necessary statistics about the running market. We help them to make wise decisions and follow the correct leads. In our statistics store, you can find out facts & figures about running for immediate download or launch your own survey and create your desired stats.

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Explore over 25 different ready-made survey-reports. You can browse our statistics library by any running topic. All documents are available in .pdf and excel formats for immediate download.


Launch your survey

If you can’t find the facts that you are looking for in our online statistics store, you can always launch your own survey questions to our running community and ask their feedback.


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